Knowing where to start

You are not alone.

Mental health in the spotlights

Over the past few years, mental health and wellbeing has come to the forefront of the media, with spotlights from health professionals, charities, organisations world-wide, the government and even the Royals. And whilst mental illness is by no means a new thing – the focus on mental health is significant and with the bombardment of information, it is easy to become overwhelmed with knowing what to do and where to start!

Many organisations and employers may not have taken action because of a general lack of understanding or awareness of how to promote good mental health and wellbeing for all and supporting someone with a mental health condition. So, take reassurance in knowing you are not alone.

I can help you navigate through building a sustainable strategy, the right strategy that is unique and inclusive for you and your organisation.

There are 3 core components that I amplify, taking a holistic approach which ensures inclusivity.

By working under these umbrella objectives and combining this with a unique and inclusive approach ensures we develop the right strategy, the right programme and the right approach for you.

Positive wellbeing

Promoting positive wellbeing in the work place as a pillar of the company

Supporting people

Supporting those within the organisation who are experiencing mental health problems

Exploring causes

Challenging and tackling work-related causes of mental health and wellbeing that may well be prevalent in an organisation

What to do?

In the main, organisations want to do the right thing and knowing what to do is and how to do it, is challenging.

I recognise that no two organisations are alike and whilst goals, objectives and targets may well be similar, the culture and environment that it is built around the people and the Leadership in the organisation is what stands them apart and makes them unique. There are many off the shelf packages and “solutions” that are available today but it is so important that the knowledge and skills gained from these “solutions” can be applied within your organisation.

Mental Health & Wellbeing should be part of our every day language. I pride this company on its recognition and acknowledgment of the uniqueness of organisations, that not only provides the insight, knowledge and skills, but works with you to ensure it is embedded into existing policies, processes and in doing so, makes mental health and wellbeing a living, breathing part of the company’s foundations and structure.