Programmes and Events

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Helping to create plans

You might already know what you want to do and why you want to do it. You might even have ideas formed of the types of things you want to do. You may well have already started on your journey of transforming how you look at and handle mental health in the work place. Perhaps you have reached a point where you need some help, advice, or support in shaping how you do it. I can help you with your targeted plan, help evolve your ideas into an approach and design a way forward that suits you and your organisation.

Programmes are a great way to embed targeted and focused approaches within your organisation. For example; if you want to encourage being active, or eating healthy, or you need support in creating a communication campaign to promote top tips and advice on a regular basis. Alternatively, you may have specific focus areas such as resiliency within your teams or you might want to focus on how your managers engage with their staff and recognise signs for poor mental health. Whatever your needs are we can design the right programme, bringing together expertise across the health & wellbeing industry to ensure the very best for your company.

Programmes are a great way to compliment the underpinning business strategy to maximise employee engagement and responsiveness.

Building blocks

Putting the building blocks in are a dynamic way of bringing opportunities and change into an organisation. They help to creatively layer in changes and initiatives at a pace which is right for your culture and environment. Your journey will have key milestones and building blocks built within it, but I also work within isolated approaches dependent upon where you are in your journey.

Creating excitement and awareness

My recommendation is that events are a part of a wider strategy, perhaps as a kick start to your programme or a yearly event to celebrate diversity, inclusivity and promoting positive mental health.

The challenge with a stand-alone event that is not backed up by an underpinning BAU strategy is that whilst an Event is a fantastic way to create a great buzz, engagement, excitement and awareness, its long-term benefits and effects can be short lived if there is no follow up. For example; you will not see the returns on absenteeism or presenteeism and it will not drive the overall benefits to employees mental health and wellbeing.

However, what an Event can do is create a great amount of awareness for mental health. It can be used to help signpost to other forms of professional help and support as well creating knowledge of ways in which wellbeing can be sought, with opportunities to take part in some activities to try out for themselves.

This is a great way to try something in a comfortable environment, with no commitment, to see what might just work. This is also a statement; an announcement locally and to the customers that you work with, that you challenge the stigma of mental illness.

Whatever your objective, let’s work together to find the solution that works for your organisation.

Only 30% of managers responsible for staff have received any training to equip them with the skills to support their staff.