What is mental health?

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Essential to our health

We have for a long time neglected our mental health because we feel it is not important enough but Mental Health and Wellness is essential to our overall health. It is as important, if not more, than physical health.

Mental illness is a condition which negatively disrupts a persons thinking, emotions and behaviour and can affect the persons ability to carry out daily activities.

The absolute reality of mental illness is that 1 in 4 people will suffer from mental ill health every year. It can be a temporary or a permanent state of mind that exists on a continuum, affecting people in different ways, at different times in their lives and for different reasons.


It can affect our energy, how we feel about ourselves and others, our ability to get up in the morning, how we interact with people, it can create dark and suicidal thoughts, it can be self-neglecting, it can force us to behave so differently that people no longer recognise who we are, it can affect our ability to go to work, to have any productivity if we do make it there, to lose friends, to be alone and so much more.

Suffering can affect your ability to do anything. Your mental health matters and ignoring it can no longer be an option. It is important that we all become more aware of our mental health, but also other peoples mental health when it does fluctuate and organisations have a responsibility to tackle the significant mental health challenges at work.

“Our attitudes and those of others have a profound effect on how we support people with emotional and mental health”