Why this is different

We care.

Desire and devotion

Unique & Inclusive Wellbeing has been built with an unrivalled passion, desire and devotion to ensure those who suffer with poor mental health do not suffer in silence. That unrelenting passion has driven the ambition to enable all workplaces, organisations and environments to promote positive mental health and wellbeing with creativity at the heart of it. The dedication and passion is what stands us apart.

We recognise that every organisation is unique

The culture and environment in a company are built around the people. This is what makes each company different. Our company makes sure we match this and provides unique and tailored programmes just for you. It’s why we have unique in our company name.

We don’t do off the shelf

Mental health cannot have an ‘off the shelf’ solution. You simply can’t buy off the shelf packages when trying to embed how you support and manage mental health into an organisation. We pride ourselves on our ability to embed the changes and sit them comfortably within your organisation ensuring they are part of you and your employees every day.

We take a fully holistic and inclusive approach

Reaching out to everyone in the organisation and making sure they have a voice. Our holistic approach improves the accessibility to support, advice and care as a preventative and reactive response.

We want to make a difference

We understand the positive impact our organisation can have and our greater role seeks to break down the barriers of marginalised societies and affect positive change between low incoming households and the likelihood of suffering with mental health.

Understanding mental health

The effects of stress and poor mental health on wellbeing are well documented, with new research broadening our understanding continuously of the relationship between the two.  However, our general understanding of this has become somewhat obscured by ‘Popular Psychology’.  This has become immensely accessible to the public with books like ‘10 ways to think positively’ and ‘Change your mind – Change your life’ and whilst these books will make a difference to a handful of people, popular psychology is littered with false information.  By obscuring the accuracy of information and misleading people in such a way, it can actually have detrimental effects.  

understanding mental health in the work place
helping with mental health in the work place

U+I’s approach is focused on ensuring we bring together learnings from Psychological studies and well-grounded theories from experts across the Globe – making the truth, accessible.  Existing studies and growing literature continuously indicate the impact of perceived stress and poor mental health, and the important role it plays on both physiological and psychological states.  U+I ensures it is at the forefront of the latest developments within Psychology to bring our customers proven approaches to support your staff.