Your journey

Promoting, supporting and challenging your mental health

Whilst it may sound a cliché...

to build an unrivalled strategy and programme that transforms how your organisation promotes mental health and wellbeing is a journey. A journey which seeks to initially understand the what and the why, to then create the how and shape the when. Creativity is at the heart of everything we do.

Your journey is a fully holistic, inclusive approach, reflecting every aspect of mental health and wellbeing, operating within a framework that focuses on:

  • Promoting positive mental health and wellbeing in the work place as a pillar of your company

  • Supporting those within the organisation who are experiencing mental health problems

  • Challenging and tackling work-related causes of mental health and wellbeing that may well be prevalent in an organisation.

To ensure each strategy is crucially effective there are 4 key stages:


This phase is understanding and creating a picture of where you are today with mental health and wellbeing in your organisation. It takes a consolidated view of employee data you may keep as well as staff feedback. Two additional and critical parts of this phase also include:  

  • Observational Work – Time spent in the organisation, observing interactions, relationships and building up an external view of the environment and culture.

  • Discussions – This is spending time with members of staff to gain a deeper understanding of the language, the feelings, the emotions and feedback from employees with particular focus on the environment, culture and wellbeing.


This stage brings together all the information from the Discovery session and we work to build your strategy that ensures a breadth of offering that is dynamic, creative and invigorates mental health support. It will set out your complete and tailored Mental Health & Wellbeing programme, that is unique and inclusive to you and your organisation.


Following on from the Discovery and agreement of the Design phase, we move towards delivering your programme into your organisation at the right pace to ensure it embeds into your culture. Working alongside staff, we like to identify champions to help bring the plan to life combining this with targeted communication campaigns as a crucially effective part of the delivery phase. Transparency is key.


With the investment made in creating such a fantastic programme, it is critical we ensure that we measure the success. The ultimate measurement is people feel able to raise and will receive support if they do suffer poor mental health, however the measurements of success are far reaching. We will build the right management information and capabilities to report and measure so you can see first-hand the benefits to your people and your organisation.

You may just be starting out on your journey, you may be somewhere along it already. Wherever you are, whatever stage you are at, I work with you to consolidate your current programme(s) with the direction you want to go in with future initiatives.

Your strategy, your programme, your event, your support from me is completely personalised, tailored and unique to you, your organisation, your challenges, your objectives and your desire to promote positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.